A total of (9) Projects.
Client: Me -> Side project
Project: Bookmarking Chrome Extension
Role: Web Design / Developer
Year: 2023
MuseeOld Project
Client: Musée Old Masters
Project: Museum UI/UX
Role: Web Design
Year: 2022
Grand Bazaar Project
Client: Grand Bazaar
Project: Discord / Webapp Bot
Role: Web Design/ Developer
Year: 2022
Client: WAVE:3
Project: Product page landing page
Role: Web Design
Year: 2022
Client: AVOS
Project: Post-covid travel experience
Role: Web Design / Developer
Year: 2021
Client: Jasper-Eyers
Project: Architecture firm Web design
Role: Web Design
Year: 2022
hamoumi - home
Client: Hamoumi Designs
Project: 2D Animator portfolio
Role: Web Design / Research
Year: 2022
Client: Wizza
Project: Raffle Ticket Website
Role: Web Design/ Research
Year: 2021
Client: DURF2030
Project: Belgium Kickstarter Platform
Role: Web Design / Developer
Year: 2021

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No contracts or surprises. Pause or cancel anytime.
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